The CSCC has a total of eleven (plus one 'virtual') race series catering for cars of all ages.

Please click on the individual series logos below for more information on each series:

Pre 1966 cars

running to Appendix K

Special Saloons and 

Modsports up to 1993

Hot Hatchbacks and Saloons,

4 cylinder, naturally aspirated

RX8 Trophy.png

Road legal, first generation (2002-2008) Mazda RX-8 231PS (races within Turbo Tin Tops)

Cars from the

1950s and 1960s

Cars produced up to

the end of 1999

Turbo and Supercharged,

front wheel drive cars

Saloon, Hatchback, Sports and GT cars (with doors) on 1A/B/C treaded tyres

Cars from the

1970s and 1980s

Post year 2000 production based

cars (and their racing variants)

Cars based on the Lotus Seven

design including Caterham

CSCC Slicks Logo.png

Saloon, Hatchback, Sports and GT cars (with doors) on Slick or racing wet tyres 

Virtual Racing logo.png

Online, informal race series using PS4, Xbox or PC

In addition to our own series, we also organise races at our meetings for the Cartek Motorsport Puma Cup.

The Ford Puma is fantastic fun to drive - a perfect mix of balanced handling and zippy performance. For more information on joining the Puma Cup, visit

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1 Masons Wharf, Corsham, Wiltshire, SN13 9FY

Tel: 01225 810655

The CSCC office is open Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 5.30pm. If you wish to contact us, please use the details above or fill out the contact form below. Alternatively, if you wish to contact an individual club representative directly, please visit 'The Team'  page for their contact details.

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