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CSCC Ramair BMW Championship

A single marque championship, open to most production BMW's and MINI's.

New to the CSCC in 2024. 

Established in 1987, formally the Kumho BMW Championship, this is a new start for 2024. Existing regulations will be subtly tweaked, to balance stability whilst opening up the championship to a broader range of BMW's and modern MINI's racing today, including for the first time those with sequential gearboxes. Tyre regulations will be opened up, allowing a greater choice.

Most rounds of the CSCC Ramair BMW Championship will feature a 20 minute qualifying session and two 20 minute races, on the same day. Typically these races will be on the opposing day to other modern CSCC categories, to all members to maximise their racing opportunities over a race weekend.


Your BMW Driver Representative is Jason West. Jason can be contacted directly at with any eligibility queries. For all other enquiries, please contact the CSCC office by using the 'Contact Us' form at the bottom of this page.

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