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Perhaps the most popular series we run among fans and marshals, the JMC Racing Special Saloons & Modsports series was first run in 2012 following the hugely popular 'Revival' races at Mallory Park in 2011. These loud and wild machines are all unique and represent a time in motorsport when big budgets, TV coverage and larger than life drivers all combined for a great spectacle. The CSCC are very happy to provide a home for these special machines and their drivers.

The series has multiple classes, split into two groups, separating Classic and Modern engines. 

The regulations have been written to include a wide range of these cars that were so popular in the 1970s through to the early 1990's.

A winners penalty was introduced in 2015, where the outright winner overall (car and/or driver) will start the next race at that meeting from 10 places further back on the grid. 

Race meetings typically consist of 15 minute double headers with a 20 minute qualifying session, which works for both single driver and two driver teams.  

JMC Racing Special Saloons & Modsports

Races for Special Saloons, Super Saloons, Thundersaloons & Modsports racing cars.

Your Special Saloons Driver Representative is Danny Morris, he can be contacted at for any eligibility queries.


Your Deputy Driver Representative is Dave Smith, his email address is wildboysalwaysshine2014@yahoo.comFor all other enquiries please contact the office using the 'Contact Us' form.

More fascinating information about the cars and series can be found on Dave Smiths web page

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