Verum Builders Open Series

The CSCC Verum Builders Open series is designed for all production Saloon, Hatchback, Sports and GT cars, of any age, with some Kit Car models accepted with Committee approval.

The series allows cars with non-original engines, gearboxes and aerodynamics, (providing it complies with Motorsport UK regulations) therefore cars which are unsuitable for our existing series are eligible to race within the Verum Builders Open series. There are just 4 main rules: no single seaters, no sports racers, no slicks (or wets) and no Seven type cars.

The Verum Builders Open series proves popular for drivers wanting extra, discounted track time in addition to their main series races and they will race alongside cars that are only eligible for the Verum Builders Open series. We have welcomed a variety of cars to what has to be one of the most varied grids in motorsport, where else would you find a motorbike engined Citroen 2CV, 1950's MG and a BMW M3 GT4 together!

2021 will see a range of formats for the Verum Builders Open Series. Events are typically a mixture of a 20 minute qualifying session and 2 x 20 minute non pit-stop races, or a 30 minute qualifying session with a 30 or 40 minute pit-stop race. Entries may be either one car with one or two drivers, or a two-car team. It is possible for two drivers to share qualifying and participate in 1 x 20 minute race each. 

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Your Verum Builders Open Series Driver Representative is Damian Hirst. Damian can be contacted directly at with any eligibility queries. For all other enquiries, please contact the CSCC office by using the 'Contact Us' form at the bottom of this page.

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