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The CSCC Puma Cup is a cost effective series for the 1700cc Ford Puma, 125ps model only and any of its variations, with the exception of the Ford Racing Puma. The series is designed to be competitive and fun but without requiring a substantial budget. 

Typically, a 30 minute qualifying session, followed by a 40 minute pit-stop race, on the same day.

The Puma Cup will race alongside the Co-ordSport Tin Tops but will have their own class and awards.

To maintain a level playing field, cars are to remain unmodified, with just 4 controlled parts. This guarantees some close, competitive racing on track and with a helpful and friendly paddock off the track, the Puma Cup is a great way to get started if you are new to racing.  

CSCC Puma Cup

A one make, closely controlled series for the 1.7 Ford Puma.

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Your CSCC Puma Cup Driver Representative is Charlotte Rushforth.

Charlotte can be contacted at with any eligibility queries. 

For all other enquiries, please contact the CSCC Office by using the 'Contact Us' form.

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