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Join the CSCC

Membership - Membership for all drivers remains at £39 and lasts for 12 months from the date of joining/renewing.

Registration - 2024 Registration will be available soon.

Why race with us?

  • High driving standards, with published overtaking guidelines.

  • We have some of the highest grid averages in club motorsport.

  • We run series not championships, in a more relaxed amosphere.

  • Full time office team that are actually available to talk to, during office hours.

  • All of our series and members have equal priority when it comes to timetables, garages etc.

  • Simple eligibility rules. Mostly cc based classes, no power to weight hassle, cost or cheating!

  • Qualify and race on the same day, with a varied and innovative calendar that changes each season.

  • Minimal stickers, keeping your car looking 'clean'. 

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