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New for 2024: Clarification on permitted holes and vents in bodywork.

Started in 2005 the Tin Tops has become an increasingly popular and well supported series. It is also particularly suited to Novice racers who can start in relatively cheap cars and move on as they gain experience.

There are just four simple eligibility rules - Tyres, Induction type, Silhouette and Original engine type. Popular models that race within Tin Tops include Fiesta, Saxo, 106, Clio, Civic, Focus, 306, Integra and many more. The RX-8 Trophy cars join the Co-ordSportTin Tops grid in Class R. For more information on the RX-8 Trophy cars, please click here.

Races are typically run over 40 minutes with a mandatory, timed pit stop. This allows entries to be split between two drivers or even a two car team racing in relay. A 30 minute qualifying session will take place on the same day. All race-winning cars/drivers accumulate winners time penalties, helping to stop a single car/driver from dominating. ​

Your Co-ordSport Tin Tops Driver Representative is Stuart Levers. He can be contacted via the CSCC Office with any eligibility queries, using the 'Contact Us' form.

Co-ordSport Tin Tops

The Co-ordSport Tin Tops is for Saloon and Hatchback cars with an engine capacity

upto 2 litres, 4 cylinder (non turbo/supercharged, except diesel) of any age.

Mazda RX-8 rotary cars also have a dedicated class within this series.

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