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RX-8 Trophy

The RX-8 Trophy is for Mazda RX-8 231PS first generation cars (2002 to 2008),
unning as a class within the Co-ordSport Tin Tops Series.
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Introduced in 2019, the 'RX-8 Trophy' is an ultra low cost class, for near standard, road legal Mazda RX-8. With safety equipment, tyres, brake pads and a few reliability modifications allowed, it is possible to build a race ready car to the limit of the regulations for less than £5000. You can even drive it to and from the race track!


For its maiden year, the class saw entries peak at 11 cars on the grid at Silverstone, exceeding its target. It is the clubs aim to keep numbers low enough to avoid the politics and damage that sometimes occur in one-make racing, but have numbers high enough that there are sufficient cars to enjoy a close race with.  

Races are typically 40 minutes in length with a 30 minute qualifying session on the same day. A mandatory, timed pit stop allows entries from two driver teams as well as single drivers.


A 10 second winners penalty is applied to the class winner at each round, in order to reduce the likelihood of the same car/driver from dominating.​ This penalty is removed once it has been served.

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Your RX-8 Trophy Driver Representative is Antony Weeks. He can be contacted directly at

with any eligibilty queries and feedback. For all other enquiries please contact the CSCC Office by using the 'Contact Us' options below.

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