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The CSCC MG Trophy is a highly competitive and close Championship, with a friendly and helpful atmosphere. It is the perfect place for novices or those with a limited budget to start their racing journey. From the road going ZR 160 to a full race prepared ZR 190 and the newer MG3, all cars and drivers have the potential to compete for the Championship.

Typically, each round will feature a 20 minute qualifying session, with two 20 minute races, over one or two days.

The regulations are designed to keep costs minimal with the classes split to accommodate all levels of experience and budget. The points structure will see all classes competing together, so any driver from any class has the opportunity to take the title. For 2024 only, the Berkshire Jag Components Jaguars are included as classes, with their own technical regulations, within the MG Trophy permit.

MG Trophy

The CSCC MG Trophy is a one make championship for the MG ZR and the MG3.

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Your CSCC MG Trophy Driver Representative is Doug Cole.

Doug can be contacted directly at with any eligibility queries.

Your deputy Driver Representative is Pete Macwaters.

Pete can be contacted at

For all other enquiries, please contact the CSCC office by using the 'Contact Us' form at the bottom of this page.

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