TrackRoadRace New Millennium

The TrackRoadRace New Millennium series is designed for post year 2000 production based cars (and their racing variants) and for cars that are deemed to be "in the spirit of the regulations", for example older cars running non-standard aero or sequential gearboxes.

TrackRoadRace New Millennium attracts big grids of cars with a wide variety of makes and models competing. Marques including Aston Martin, Ferrari, Ginetta, Lotus, TVR, Porsche and many in between have enjoyed racing with us in the past.

There are just four simple eligibility rules - Tyres, Induction type, Silhouette and Original engine type. A variety of classes sees cars developed from road going models competing against their racing 'brothers'. There are two separate classes for BMW running the S50 or S54 3.2 litre engines, to cater for these increasingly popular race cars. V2 of the 2022 regulations permits GTR models into class M1.

Races are typically 40 minutes in length with a 30 minute qualifying session on the same day. A mandatory pit stop allows entries from two driver teams as well as single drivers. Overall podium winner’s penalties are given to the top three to be served at the next UK round only, to help stop a single car/driver from dominating, whilst keeping the action close at the front. 

Your TrackRoadRace New Millennium Driver Representative is Toby Harris. He can be contacted directly at with any eligibilty queries. For all other enquiries please contact the CSCC Office by using the 'Contact Us' options below.

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