Motorsports School Turbo Tin Tops

The Motorsports School Turbo Tin Tops caters exclusively for front wheel drive turbo and supercharged cars.

With car manufacturers no longer making normally aspirated hot hatchbacks, these forced induction rockets are the future for Tin Tops racing. A wide range of marques have been welcomed onto the grid of this growing series. 

A total of eight classes are designed to suit all makes and engine capacities providing close racing through the field. The RX-8 Trophy cars join the Turbo Tin Tops grid in Class R. For more information on the RX-8 Trophy cars, please click here.

Races will typically be 40 minutes with a 30 minute qualifying session on the same day. The races will include a mandatory pit stop and allow for driver changes. All race-winning cars/drivers will accumulate time penalties, helping to stop a single car/driver from dominating.

Your Motorsports School Turbo Tin Tops Driver Representative is Paul Anderton. He can be contacted directly at with any eligibility queries. For all other enquiries please contact the CSCC Office by using the 'Contact Us' form.

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