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Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens

The Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens series is for cars based on the
Lotus Seven Series 3 design, including Caterham, Lotus, Westfield, MK, Tiger,
Dax, Stuart Taylor, Raw, Locost or similar type 
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New for 2024: Tyre regulations have removed the stickiest tyres.

The race format returns to a 40 minute pit stop race with a different winners penalty.
Magnificent Sevens may now compete in the Verum Builders Open series, with a half price entry at the same round. 


The Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens has been running since 2009 and has grown in popularity producing large grids, ensuring plenty of close, clean competition.​

Most rounds will consist of a 30 minute qualifying session followed by a 40 minute pit stop race for 1 or 2 drivers.

With multiple classes and two groups separating the 1600cc cars, each group will race for an outright win. All race-winning cars/drivers will accumulate winners time penalties, helping to stop a single car/driver from dominating. ​

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If you have any questions regarding the Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens, 

please contact the CSCC office by using the 'Contact Us' form.

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