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The series has been running since 2013 and is deservedly popular with new drivers, with many racing newcomers having lost their novice cross with us in this series. Modern Classics attracts a wide range of cars from Alfa Romeo, Lotus and Volkswagen through to BMW, Ferrari and Porsche. The series offers superb racing, which led to Autosport magazine awarding the series 5 stars in its very first year. 

There are just four simple eligibility rules - Tyres, Induction type, Silhouette and Original engine type. The class structure is based on engine capacity with 5 classes across the series to encourage competitive racing throughout the field and to give everyone something to race for. 

Races are typically run over 40 minutes with the added excitement of a mandatory, timed pit stop. This allows entries to be split between two drivers or even a two car team racing in relay. A 30 minute qualifying session will take place on the same day. All race-winning cars/drivers accumulate winners time penalties, helping to stop a single car/driver from dominating. 

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Modern Classics

The Modern Classics series is designed for most production Saloon, Hatchback,

Sports and GT models produced up to the end of 1999.


Your Modern Classics Driver Representative is John Baker. He can be contacted at for any eligibility queries. For all other enquiries please contact the office using the 'Contact Us' form.

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