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Swinging 60s at Castle Combe

Entries to our 28th August race, at Castle Combe will open tomorrow (Tuesday 18th) at 15:00. Based on your entry numbers so far in 2023, we expect this combined, Gp1 and Group 2 Adams & Page Swinging 60s race to sell out, so please don't delay.

When entries open, you can find regulations, entry form and online booking here:

This is the club's local circuit, we are pleased to bring you back here, at what is a high speed track, with a couple of chicane's thrown in. Castle Combe enjoys the best crowds at club-level race meetings, along with loyal Marshals who love our classics.

Once feared for their unforgiving tyre-walls, in recent years investment in Recticel at key points has saved many a car from damage. Resurfacing some years back removed a number of bumps, but enough are still left for 'character'. Quarry, Tower and Camp Corners all still deserve respect and reward bravery, but with a little added safety now.

If you've not raced here before, please do so, it's worth it, just ask the 54 Adams & Page Swinging 60s drivers who entered here last time, back in the scorching temperatures of 2022.

Do have a look back at our live stream of Group 1 (it will open in a new window):




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