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Spa 3 Hours: Enter Now

UK competitors from all clubs may now enter this superb endurance race for FIA classics. The Spa 3 Hours race is the headline event of the Spa Summer Classic, with 45 minutes qualifying on Friday June 24th and 180 minutes of racing, late into the evening, on the 25th.

The race has multiple classes and categories, to suit FIA saloon, touring, grand touring and some sports cars, older than 1976. The price remains the same as in recent years, at just £1695, split between two or three drivers. It is not a requirement to be a CSCC member for this race. As the UK promoter, we invite enquiries from members of all UK clubs. Please click here to enter and for more information.

The event organiser, Motor Classic, is the very same organisation behind the famous Spa 6 Hours meeting, that typically takes place in the Autumn. The 3 Hours shares many of the same ingredients as it's more expensive brother, including drivers refuelling their cars at the petrol pumps.

If you have not already seen it, the CSCC has recently put together a guide and advice on what is needed to successfully cross the channel in this post-Brexit era.

The official Spa 3 Hours website is here, competitors are advised to check this regularly for updates.

Entries to CSCC races at the Spa Summer Classic will open later, in March.




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