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E10 Petrol and how it may affect your race (or road) car.

Petrol bought from the pump in the UK can already contain up to 5% Ethanol (E5), but as you may have seen over the last couple of months the government is proposing the introduction of petrol with up to 10% Ethanol (E10).

This won't affect those of you using Motorsport UK compliant race fuel (usually bought in barrels or from circuits) and it is looking hopeful that Super Unleaded pump fuel will also be untouched for now, but it is worth understanding and checking if your road or race car is compatible with higher levels of Ethanol. Ethanol does pose a risk to certain components, with plastics, rubber and metals potentially affected, posing a fire risk in the worst case. Performance and economy levels may also alter slightly too. Unlike when we changed from leaded to leaded fuel there isn't an additive to change the suitability of this new fuel if it arrives in the UK (it is already for sale in some other European countries).

Rather than attempt to re-write a topic that is well documented please click on the links below, in turn, for more information:

A list containing some manufacturers to check compatibility (only some makes and models):



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