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Detailed 2024 Calendars

After considerable work, we are now able to reveal where and when each CSCC series and championship is racing next season.


Please click on each series/championship logo, then on the respective calendar icon, here:

As per previous seasons, we have tried to give separate classic and modern paddocks on each day. The exception to this is the Verum Builders Open Series and Ramair BMW Championship (more on our new headline sponsor soon), who will typically qualify and race as first session on the first day; some may want to use this as a form of testing/warm up.

You used to issue a table, that let me see all the series together in one place? With 17 championships and series now, the font size was just getting too small and the table too complicated. For the many of you that race in a variety of different CSCC categories you'll need to enter each series page or championship and then view their calendar.

Why has my series got more/less dates than another series? This is purely a reflection of the number of members registered in each series. It stands to reason that if one series has 150 registrations and another has 60 that the numerically larger series has more dates, to stand a chance of fitting drivers in. We are continuing our single £99 registration fee, giving you the freedom to tick as many series and championship boxes as possible, provided the car is eligible. Every car that races with us is eligible for at least two series/championships, therefore you can pick and choose races from multiple categories, to form a racing campaign that suits you. We have made some suggestions of other races or categories you might try, at the bottom of each calendar.

Will my category be combined with another at any rounds?

Yes, everyone will be combined with another, suitable series or championship at some stage in the year. This has always been the case at the biggest circuits, like Spa and Silverstone GP. Circuit hire and other costs continue to rise and in order to deliver the best value and most interesting racing for every member (and volunteer), a certain amount of combining makes sense. Where any combining is necessary, it will be done wherever possible with cars of a suitable pace and era, sometimes for qualifying only, and with split race starts in some cases too. Please don't ask us for every combination, these things are fluid and can change as the season progresses, depending on entries.

How set in stone are these dates? From our point of view we don't intend to move our calendar dates, but as the past has shown, external factors can sometimes force a change. Therefore, a calendar always remains provisional.


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