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CSCC Series: Now open for registrations.

The waiting is over, our draft 2024 Series regulations can now be found on our categories page. You may now register for the new season on our 'normal' website, or using a form. Drivers may sign-up or renew their membership at the same time. CSCC Championship regulations and registrations will open later in January.

Our car registration fee for all series is £99, this allows you to register for as few or as many of our 18 series and championships as your car is eligible for, at no extra cost.

For example, if you have a BMW E36 M3 and fancy racing in more than one series, then depending on its specification, you could tick the Modern Classics, WOSP New Millennium, Liqui Moly Slicks, Verum Builders Open and (when championships open in January) Ramair BMW Championship boxes, all for just £99. Every car is eligible for at least two series for their one registration fee. Once registered, you can then pick and choose the races that suit you, as they open, 8 to 10 weeks before each round.

Please be patient whilst we process your Memberships and Registrations over the coming weeks. It will take time for the office to manually process, due to the number of registrations we receive, therefore, it is likely to be the New Year before you hear from us.

As you may have read in our Treasurer's statements at the AGM, membership per driver has increased to £49 for 12 months. We had held the previous price of £39 for as long as possible, remarkably since 2012, but costs have of course risen over the last 12 seasons.

There are relatively few regulation changes among our series, these are the main ones:

  • As discussed at the AGM, the Adams & Page Swinging 60s series had an issue in 2023 with too many reserves among our smaller-engined Group 1 cars, whilst Group 2 had lower numbers and was therefore combined with other series on occasion. For 2024 we plan to have 2 x Swinging 60s grids at many rounds, with classes mixed up to form balanced numbers. No longer having Groups 1 and 2 should make reserves less likely and ensure that you will only be racing other 1960s cars. This also gives drivers the opportunity of a half-price, second 60's race. Isle of Wight Sprites, that were a more modern build are no longer eligible.

  • Mintex Classic K changes from a 60 to a 40 minute pit-stop race, at most rounds. Opinions given in previous driver surveys and emails have always shown a close split. Circuit cost increases and physically producing a timetable that fits, has pushed us into this change. For those wanting more track time, a reminder that all K competitors are eligible for a 2nd, half-priced Swinging 60's race, at the same round.

  • Co-ordsport Tin Tops sees further clarification on what is and isn't allowed, with regards to holes in bodywork.

  • Advantage Motorsport Future Classics welcomes 1970's Group 1, 2 and 4 cars, in addition to 'rally' cars.

  • As previously announced, the Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens tyre regulations have changed, removing the stickiest tyres, thus preventing shortages of Avon tyres later in 2024. The format returns to a 40 minute pit-stop race, with a different winner's penalty.

  • The Verum Builders Open Series has a significant format and timetable refresh. In most cases it will be first qualifying and first race on the first day, making it suitable as a half-priced warm up/test, ahead of a drivers main focus on that weekend. A 20 minute qualifying session precedes 2 x 20 minute races, for 1 or 2 drivers. Sevens are now welcomed back to the Open, on any list 1A/B/C tyre.

  • WOSP New Millennium has added guidance on how BMW M3's are typically placed in each of the two M specific classes.

  • Puma Cup regulations have removed the need for an FIA specific seat (although an in date FIA seat is needed for all cars racing with us at Spa), clarifying that suspension top mounts must not be adjustable and that the mandatory Dunlop tyres may be purchased from any source.

The Motorsport UK 2024 yearbook 'Blue Book' is available as a digital copy here:

We intend to open entries to our Donington track day and Snetterton test day before we close the office, on Friday 22nd December.




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