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Magnificent Sevens Changes for 2024

Our Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens Series regulations will see a number of changes for the 2024 season, including tyres, race format and an option to enter more races.

Firstly, we would like to thank you all for your feedback, suggestions and patience, whilst we've established what is the right thing for the Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens Series and its drivers in the long-term. Decisions have not come easy, with the tyre market a particular challenge, given the impending Avon factory closure and all but one Caterham championship moving to Toyo R888R.

Full regulations will be published next month, with the main changes for 2024 to include:

  • A return to the original format, of a 30 minute qualifying session and 40 minute, pit-stop race, with prices the same as other CSCC series.

  • An option to race in the Verum Builders Open Series races, which will change to a 20 minute qualifying session and 2 x 20 minute races, with specific Sevens classes re-added. The second, cheapest, race entry at the same meeting will be half-priced.

  • The softest compound tyres will not be permitted in the Magnificent Sevens (ZZR Extreme, ZZS RT7, Kumho V70 Soft and Supersoft).

  • However, Sevens racing in the Verum Builders Open series will be permitted to race on any MSUK list 1A/B/C tyre (this includes the tyres mentioned above).

  • Overall winner's grid penalties for Group 1 and Group 2 to be replaced with a small, incremental time penalty (10 seconds), added to the 90 second in-to-out pit-stop.

What, no slicks or wets?

A number of you have asked if you could use slicks or race wets. It has been discussed and considered at length over the last few months, but ultimately had to work within the framework of the series we have. Never say never, but for 2024 there is no option to race a Seven on slicks or wets, sorry.

I don't understand why I can't continue to use Avon ZZR Extreme's (for example) in the Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens Series? There are reasons various, but their performance is considerably greater than those tyres used almost everywhere else in Seven racing categories. We acknowledge that many of your cars are modified away from championship spec. but we do want to attract drivers from other categories, without a perception that a stickier, more expensive set of tyres is necessary. Whilst there are some existing stocks of ZZR Extreme's and RT7's, there could be a gap in supply if we were to continue to allow them in the Magnificent Sevens. We do understand that there are efforts to re-start production in future years, but this is not guaranteed at this time.

I run 215/235/245 tyres at present, what can I use in the Magnificent Sevens specifically?

Whilst there is good choice in narrower 185/205 13" tyres, the next obvious 'wide' choice is the Kumho V70 (K61 Medium). These are cheaper per set vs. the Avons, should last longer and good stocks are available now and through 2024, from Mr Tyre Motorsport and Adams & Page. CSCC sponsor, Adams & Page can supply and fit these at the track.

A search on Google and Demon Tweeks does show a few possible options. Those running 15" CSR wheels have additional tyre choices too.




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