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Cancelled: CSCC At Spa in 2021

Contents: News about Spa Summer Classic and Spa 3 Hours. Donington entries open tomorrow.

Dear Member,

Spa Summer Classic

English law on overseas travel has now changed. For the purposes of our 'amateur' races it is not now allowed until after 30th June 2021. Therefore, despite a great deal of work we are unable to run our races at the Spa Summer Classic this year. The law ‘could’ be relaxed before 30th June and there are some exemptions that could allow overseas travel, such as if you are an Elite sportsperson, but for most members and their supporters, the uncertainty of health, quarantine, cost and law is just too great at this time.

If the law allows you to compete overseas you can be assured we will help you, should you wish to enter directly with our European friends, as the Spa Summer Classic event itself is very much still going ahead.

It is clear from your responses to our survey that many of you are keen to race with us at this special event again. As such, we fully intend to return to Spa in June 2022, along with Le Mans in October 2022. Between now and then, we will be able to observe how other racers fare with Carnets and customs officials, passing on to you any lessons learned.

Spa 3 Hours

The Summer Classic event itself will still take place. We will shortly be in touch with each of you who have already entered through with us for the Spa 3 Hours race, to give you your options (we will not cancel your entry before speaking to you).

Donington Park

Please accept this as advance notice that entries for our always popular ‘Donington Derby’ race meeting, (29th/30th May) will open tomorrow, Tuesday at 15:00.




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