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Brands Hatch Grand Prix Update

Updated: Apr 24

We have news, ahead of our live-streamed GT World Challenge support race, on Sunday 5th May. As a big positive, we have helped secure you an extra 10 minutes of race time, at no extra cost to you. This now brings your race time from 30 minutes up to our more usual 40 minutes. The downside? The timetable has changed outside of our control, so we are now last race of the meeting. The organisers have been able to find a little extra time in hand, to ensure that we're not racing right up to the 18:30 curfew. A small benefit of qualifying later on Sunday morning is that our paddock will have space when you arrive from Saturday evening. Depending on how far you have to travel, you may be able to save yourself an overnight cost and turn up on the Sunday morning.

Please click on our event page, for an updated timetable (version 4), paddock plan and private vehicle parking map:

Being a high-profile event, parking for private vehicles is strictly controlled, with a single working vehicle pass being issued per entry. If you have team support and you want them to get into the paddock you will need to give them your working vehicle pass.

E-tickets, and an entry list will be available later on Thursday, as per usual. A number of you are still reserves, we anticipate this list will shorten, with a number of competitors competing the week before, at Spa. We will email you again on Thursday, when driver sign-on opens.

This WOSP New Millennium and Turbo Tin Tops race will still have a split standing start. This time it is Turbo Tin Tops turn to start first, on the lights, whilst WOSP New Millennium will start second, 10 to 20 seconds back, on the national flag.

Additional tickets can be bought at a member discount, these advance ticket sales close at 16:00 on Thursday 2nd May. Use code MSVRGTWC24, via this link:

More about the event can be found here.




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