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Anglesey 24 Hours in more detail

Since we announced our 24 Hours event, at Anglesey, on 1st/2nd July, we've had plenty of interest. You've raised some questions too.....

Q. What if my car can't last 24 Hours?

A. Fear not, it isn't a single, 24 Hour endurance race. Instead, it's a series of cumulative, 40 minute races, taking place over 24 hours. It aims to give club drivers a taste of a 24 hour event, at a fraction of the cost or wear to their car. For those not familiar with the similar Le Mans Classic/Classic Daytona 24 format, this draft, example timetable best explains how it will work with the CSCC. Please note that this timetable and the groupings may change.

Q. How are prizes awarded? A. Awards are given for each class and series, based on the cumulative result of all 160 minutes of your race sessions (there are no awards for taking the flag first in any individual sessions). The final result won't be known until the flag drops at the end of your last session, so don't give up, reliability and consistency throughout the event is key.

Fine details, to ensure fairness, will be confirmed in the event regulations. The prize giving will take place 30 minutes after your series' final session.

Q. What if I don't want to race at night? A. Whilst we think you should give it a try, you do have three options. 1. You enter the 24 hour event, but take part in the day sessions only, but it will put you at a 40 minute deficit in the overall, cumulative result (effectively you did not start/finish a session). If you choose not to race at night you must tell us in advance, so we can notify the Secretary of the Meeting and Scrutineers that you will not have lights. 2. You could look for a second driver to share your car, asking them to drive at night. 3. Enter as a two car team, with the other car/driver racing in the dark. Your series Facebook group could be useful in finding a driver/car to pair up with.

Q. What lighting do I need, if I want to race at night? A. The pits and start/finish straight are well lit, the rest of the circuit is completely dark (the area is a dark sky reserve). MSUK have guidance on what is required for your car in E12.X (page 98). Front and rear indicators and lights, plus illuminated side numbers are needed.

If you don't have this sort of wiring and switches in the car, fear not, it can be done on a budget. Ebay/Amazon and others have 'fog light wiring kits' for less than £10, that include wiring, fuse, switch and relay, a few of these could be utilised.

Next, you need some bright lights to see where you're going. Either two pairs of forward facing lights, or a pair, together with a lightbar is acceptable. Since the CSCC's first night races, at Donington in 2010, lightbar and LED technology has both improved and become cheaper. The CSCC will supply each car with reflective door and bonnet numbers, pre-stuck on a white background. You need to have these side numbers illuminated, as per MSUK regulations. This can be by battery light, or powered from the car electrics (must be controlled by the cut off of course). Some drivers have stuck lights on the door tops or wing mirrors in the past, whatever your method, they must be safe and secure, to the satisfaction of a Scrutineer.

The additional lights may be removed, if desired, after the night races.

Q. Can I have four drivers? Can I have three cars in a team? A. No, this event runs to our usual regulations of a single driver in a single car, two drivers in a single car, or a two car team (two drivers in two cars). Each 40 minute segment features a pit stop, to our usual rules.

If you enter as a 2 driver, or 2 car team, you can split the driving as you please (both drivers don't have to take part in every race session).

Q. Night familiarisation, what's that (see timetable)? A. To fulfil MSUK regulations, competitors must be given the opportunity to practice/drive in the same conditions they race in. Therefore, we have scheduled 4 x 30 minute, back to back sessions once darkness falls. You do not have to go out, but may do so if you wish, as often as you wish (circuit capacity allowing). Lap times do not matter, so use this as a chance to try your lights, make any adjustments and get used to the circuit in the dark. These mixed, non-competitive sessions will be open to all entered drivers/cars on a first come basis. We suspect the first 15 minutes may be busiest, but we will ensure that all drivers have ample opportunity to go out in at least one session, if desired.

Q. Will there be fuel available at the circuit? Can I refuel during the race? A. 97 RON grade super unleaded will be available to buy at the circuit. Otherwise your nearest super unleaded can be found in Holyhead, or Bangor, about 15-20 minutes drive each way. Refuelling is not allowed during the race. The sessions are no longer than 40 minutes, so it shouldn't be necessary in any case.

Q. Is hot food and drink available? Do I get any included in my entry fee? A. The restaurant has kindly agreed to stay open for the full 24 hours. During less civilised hours the menu choice will be reduced, but you'll be able to sit, have a drink and enjoy hot food at all times. We've kept the entry fee very keen, at £725, so we hope you'll understand that this time it doesn't include any complimentary food or drink. With your kind donations we will be looking after the Marshals, with cash at sign on to help cover their costs.

Q. Does my pit crew need reflective clothing? A. Yes, a reflective bib or other reflective clothing is needed in darkness hours, by all personnel in the pit lane. This includes second drivers, especially when they cross from the pit wall to where their car is going to stop. A second driver can only take off their reflective clothing moments before the driver change. Ideally they will pass this to the driver getting out of the car, who must wear reflective clothing before crossing the live lane to the pit wall.

Q. You've said the event is live streamed, but what about the darkness hours?

A. With the help of Alpha Live, it is our plan to bring you live streaming, with commentary, throughout all the racing hours. We'll let the film crew rest during qualifying and night familiarisation.

This segment from our event in 2021 gives you a taste of our night racing:

Q. When can we enter?

A. More details will follow, but we expect to open entries from mid-April, priced at just £725. At that time you will have the option to donate £20 to the CSCC Marshals fund, to help cover the costs of all the vital volunteers (not just Marshals) we need, to put on this unique UK event.

Q. Anything else? A. Testing on the Friday will be available, booked directly with the circuit, from late February/early March (you can't book now). The circuit estate aims to make available a number of their nearby holiday cottages to CSCC members, we will pass on more details to you once we know more. You can of course stay on site and it's a good idea to bring ear plugs.




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