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CSCC 24 Hours

For the first time in its 20 year history, the CSCC is running a 24 Hours event, at Anglesey, on 1st/2nd July.

To keep entries affordable, whilst reducing car wear and tear, this will be in a similar format to the Le Mans Classic (that by coincidence takes place on the same weekend) and Classic Daytona 24 Hours. This is a unique format in the UK, we'd like to say a special thanks to Anglesey Circuit for embracing this idea and working hard to gain us permission from the local council.

Entry Cost and Live Streaming

We anticipate entry fees to be just £725, in our usual format, for 1 or 2 drivers, with a 2 car team also possible. This special event will be live-streamed. All CSCC series will take part, with the JMC Racing Special Saloons & Modsports drivers able to compete as a Liqui Moly Slicks entry.

How will it work?

Saturday morning sees daytime qualifying, with the 24 hours starting at 14:00. The 24 hours is split into six series/groups of similar cars, running their usual 40 minute pit-stop sessions in sequence. This ensures that no mid-race re-fuelling is required. Your finishing position and time gained/lost in each 'race' is carried forwards to the next session.

Night practice takes place when the sun goes down, thereafter racing continues. Racing finishes for the final series at 14:00 on Sunday. Reliability and consistency are as important as outright speed, with your margin in seconds vs. your rivals being carried forwards, or deducted, after each session/race. It is effectively one race split into four sessions.

An Example

The running order has not been finalised, but let's assume that the Turbo Tin Tops are going first.

They will qualify at 10am on Saturday for 20 minutes. Daytime racing for this series starts at 14:00, for 40 minutes.

The second session is at 19:00, again for 40 minutes, with pit-stop. 30 minutes night time familiarisation sessions begin at 21:40.

The third, 40 minute session, this time at night, will begin at 23:40.

The final, 40 minute race is, for this series, at 08:30 on Sunday.

That's 210 minutes (3 and a half hours) of track time, for just £725, in the summer time, on the most scenic circuit in the country.

Special Equipment Required?

For anyone who has enjoyed night races with the CSCC in the past, the car preparation is the same. Whilst the start straight and pits are well lit during the night, the rest of the International circuit is completely dark, so your car will need front lights to see where you're going, tail lights, working indicators and a way to light up your side numbers. Pit crew will be asked to wear reflective clothing.

Marshals and Officials

We couldn't put on our racing without you and hope this innovative format will interest you too. It will require shifts of Officials, Committee members and Marshals, so you can be rested and 'refuelled'. Clear up time will be generous and carefully timed. You will be looked after, with a financial gesture from the club and its members, to go towards your costs, as well as food and drink. Please help spread the word, as we will require more of you than usual.

What Next?

Series registrations will open later this week, sign up and join the club and then it's just a case of waiting, with entries to the 24 Hours opening in April. We hope this exciting, new race will excite you, in the same year as we visit the Daytona 24 Hours event in November.



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21. jan. 2023

Well its certainly much better value than what CLM charge to race there. OK so it might not have the side shows and all the Le Mans atmosphere but you have to start somewhere and this sounds really good Where can I find more details of classes to enter a 1959 car ?

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