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2022 Members Survey Home Page

If you have received an email from the CSCC, with the link to this page, you are entitled to fill out a survey for each series you have a personal interest in racing in. This could have been the series you competed in over either of the last two seasons, or even a CSCC series you intend to race in during 2023.


It is important to note that the views and comments you give us in this survey will be treated with respect by your Committee and will help the club shape regulations and calendar over future years. Your comments and results will not be revealed publicly.  These surveys will close at 23:45 on 16th October 2022.

Pre 1966 cars

running to Appendix K

Cars from the

1970s and 1980s

Hot Hatchbacks and Saloons,

4 cylinder, naturally aspirated

Special Saloons and 

Modsports up to 1993

CSCC Swinging 60's Gp1.png

Group 1 - Sub 2 litre cars from the

1950s and 1960s

Cars produced up to

the end of 1999

Turbo and Supercharged,

front wheel drive cars

Saloon, Hatchback, Sports and GT cars (with doors) on 1A/B/C treaded tyres

CSCC Swinging 60's Gp2.png

Group 2 - larger-engined and lightweight 
cars from the
1950s and 1960s

Post year 2000 production based

cars (and their racing variants)

Cars based on the Lotus Seven

design including Caterham

CSCC Slicks Logo.png

Saloon, Hatchback, Sports and GT cars (with doors) on Slick or racing wet tyres 

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