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Yee Haw! USA in 2023.

At the end of last season we announced that we would be returning to Daytona and Sebring at the end of 2023, as part of a special 20th anniversary calendar.

With almost comedic timing, we write this update as worldwide shipping is still in post-Covid chaos and the pound at an all-time low to the dollar. Fortunately, the November 2023 Daytona and Sebring events are more than 12 months away and much can and will happen, between now and when we start to require a commitment from members.

The photos within this article were taken by CSCC members when we raced at Daytona in 2007.

The CSCC would look to include or arrange the following:

  • Race entry (many options will be available, with all CSCC cars eligible with minimal safety changes)

  • US race licencing

  • Shipping from the UK to Florida and back, for your race car and essential equipment/spares. CSCC team would be present to assist loading at the port.

  • Road transport to and from the US port to the circuit(s)

  • Insurance for the race car and spares in transit

  • Carnet

  • Gala dinner

  • Administration and organisation

  • Local mechanic support, if required

This leaves each member freedom to arrange their own timescale, flights, accommodation, food and hire car.

In advance of the race meeting(s) we will state when we need payment, a list of what you are bringing and which port in the UK you need to take it to.

Another option the club will offer is arrive and drive, hiring a US-based race car, with team support, at either or both events. This forgoes the cost of shipping across the Atlantic and will be a far cheaper option for you to take part in the events(s).

The number one question you have been asking us, is "how much"?

Well, the short answer (and our best guess) is either 'two or three thousand dollars' for arrive and drive, to $10,000+ in your own car. The long answer is we just don't know at this stage, due to such volatility in currency and shipping; the actual racing is the 'cheap' bit.

All the shipping companies we have spoken to, have described this as a unique time and have been reluctant to give us a quote based on this year, let alone next. The race entry fees this year are not dissimilar to those at Spa, dependant on how much racing each member wants to do, ranging from $700 for the shorter races, through to as much as $2600 for the 24 hour race.

In 2007, when the CSCC last took members to Daytona, the cost was £3750, to include shipping, insurance, Carnet, transport, race entry fees and CSCC administration. That figure has currently risen to 5 figures, a considerable increase. To give you an idea, our club President, Mike Jordan, is competing at this years Daytona event in November and has paid around £11,000 to ship their car in a container with spares, carnet, insurance, transport within the US etc.

For many members, racing in the US on any terms is a cost that is inconceivable, we fully understand that. For others, in a different financial situation, this is a trip of unforgettable memories, to compete in the States at two of the best known circuits in the world, perhaps combined with a holiday. The final cost will be set in such a way, so as to offer best value to the members, making the experience as hassle-free as possible, with no risk to the club. The CSCC is a 'broad church' catering for members with a variety of budgets. This has always been the case, so please don't think the CSCC is becoming elitist. Our 2023 calendar will include many other events, to suit all budgets.

All members will be able to give an indication of interest within the survey(s) they will receive tomorrow (Friday 30th September). We intend to give a more detailed update on the USA rounds in the new year.




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