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Reminder: Keep 'your' race number.

We always give existing members the chance to retain their previous year's number, provided they re-register by 31st January, this is therefore your 7 day wake up call, to re-register, if you have not done so already.

There are a few topics that CSCC members are universally passionate about. One of these is your race number. Whether it's because it's lucky, sentimental or just came with the car, many of you do like to keep the same number each year.

From the 1st February, any 'un-claimed' race numbers will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

- If you have already registered for 2023 and have received an email that lists your number, then you are all set.

- If you have a registration confirmation email from us, with 'TBC' in the number field (as below), you will receive another email in early February, with a confirmed number. If your preferred number(s) is/are not available, we will assign one as close as possible to the one(s) you have requested.

With some series having more than 100 registrations each season, we hope you will understand the challenges we have in accommodating your requests.

Come the race events, there may be occasions that you will need to change your number, for example if we combine any sessions, or you choose to race in more than one series. Just keep an eye on the entry list, the week before the event. Should you need to buy either black, or florescent numbers, we will have them with us in race administration (card payments only in 2023) at each race meeting.




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