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New Series: CSCC Mike Hawthorn Jaguar Challenge

This classic series, for pre-1961 Jaguars, running to FIA Appendix K, is a very welcome new addition to the CSCC's categories.

This is the last category we are planning to add to the CSCC ranks for 2024, taking the club to a total of 13 Series and 4 Championships, plus our friends at The Morgan Challenge.

Driver representative, Chris Robinson created the series in 2018 at the request of owners and racers of these iconic cars, a number being original cars that were raced in this special period of motorsport, when start and prize money was the norm, with professionals racing in any number of categories.

Having raced with a number of clubs and circuits across the UK, the series has steadily grown in numbers and status. For 2024 and beyond, Chris has joined the CSCC, after looking for a more permanent and solid base that could help the series grow and secure its future.

The Jaguars will race at these rounds, sharing and complimenting track space with our existing Mintex Classic K grid, each with their own separate regulations and awards. A CSCC logo is being produced, to run alongside the existing one pictured below, that features Hawthorn's signature bow tie, that he typically wore when racing. Regulations are unlikely to change, other than to describe the 40 minute pit-stop race format. Registration will open in January.

A CSCC series page has been created:

The series' Facebook group is here.

Mike Hawthorn was the first UK Formula 1 world champion, back in 1958, as well as winning Le Mans in 1955. Like so many from this era, Mike passed away far too early, not on the track however, but on the road, just three months after retiring from the sport. He came to own the family car dealership, the 'Tourist Trophy Garage' in Farnham, that supplied and serviced various sporting brands, including Jaguar and Ferrari. Mike raced or drove many different Jaguar models and versions during his career and will forever be linked to the Jaguar MK1, 2, 7, XK and more, that will continue to race within the CSCC Mike Hawthorn Jaguar Challenge.

More on Mike's life and achievements can be found on this website:




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