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Marshals and Officials: Please sign up now, for 2024.

If you have not already done so, please volunteer now, through our website, to indicate when you can help us in 2024.

A huge thank you to all our volunteers in 2023.

You have once again supported us fabulously in all weathers, and at all times of the day, and night in some cases.

We are looking forward, to 2024 and have again produced a varied calendar, with even more grids to entertain you.

In a break to our usual format of only running series (with most of those being longer pit-stop races), we have now taken on 4 different championships and an as yet unannounced, 'new to the CSCC' series. This is in addition to our close ties with the Morgan Challenge.

  • What was the Kumho BMW championship is now the CSCC BMW Championship, in a 2 x 20-minute race format.

  • We welcome back the CSCC Jaguar Championship, who will now be on track at some rounds with the CSCC MG Trophy runners. Split starts will make the races even more interesting.

  • We have willingly invited the CSCC Lackford Midget and Sprite challenge, who will run 2 x 20 minute races. Together with the Midgets and Sprites from our bulging Swinging 60s grid, it will be the largest pool of 'Spridgets' in the UK.

We shall be continuing with a small cash contribution to Marshal's costs at each circuit sign on.

We hope you will once again be willing and able to help us all again next season and once again, here is a link to our availability form:

Why not try something new? If you have some experience at race meetings please get in touch about becoming an Event Steward, assistant to a Scrutineer, or if you are handy with a PC, how about Driver Liaison?

Whatever you can help us with, the CSCC looks forward to seeing you at your circuit(s) of choice.




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