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Magnificent Plans: What's coming up and a look ahead, to 2024.

Plans for next season are underway, for our Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens Series. With three rounds remaining in 2023 it's a good time to ask you how you are finding this years race format and letting you know we are monitoring the tyre situation for 2024.

Tyres in 2024

The planned closure of Avon's Wiltshire plant at years end, has inevitably led to changes in the market already. Within the last week, Caterham made the announcement that their main championships running on treaded tyres will be moving to the Toyo R888R for 2024.

Our 2023 Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens regulations this year state 'For 2024 tyres for this series will be reviewed, competitors are advised that Avon RT-7, ZZR Extremes and Kumho V700 are unlikely to be valid/available after this date'

The 13" Toyo R888R is not available in a wider width than 205, making it important we give our wide selection of loyal drivers a choice of rubber, to suit their wheels and power levels.

A decision will be announced shortly, to give you certainty for the year ahead.

Race Format After the driver's survey last year, when 41 of you gave us your views, it was decided to try 2 x 30 minute, non pit-stop races. With more tracktime and downtime (clear-up), it was inevitable that entry fees rose accordingly. So, now you've tried it, tell us what you want for 2024? Perhaps lower fees by returning to a single 40 minute race, or 2 x 20 minute races? Or stick to the 2023 format, of 2 x 30 minute non-pitstop races? Maybe something else. Please let us know by emailing the office team It hasn't been forgotten that a number of you showed an interest in having the opportunity of additional races too, as part of a shared grid, as you used to do within the Open Series.

2024 Calendar We are working hard on next season's Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens calendar, to ensure you have variety, and are, wherever possible, part of CSCC events. You are very much as equal a series as all our others, sharing the GP tracks on rotation, receiving the garages at least once a year (where possible) and racing at different times on each timetable. A welcome return to Spa has already been announced, with the calendar likely to be published as soon as we can, in early October.

What's coming up?

Donington, on the Grand Prix layout is in just a few days time, on Sunday 6th August. At the time of writing we have 29 entries, thank you. There is room for more of you, but be quick, today (Wednesday) is the last day to enter.

Mallory Park follows later in August, on Bank Holiday Monday 28th, with 2 x 25 minute races, for just £380. A surprisingly large amount of people have never raced here, perhaps dismissing the layout as overly simple, when in reality it's capable of producing thrilling racing. After all, Formula One cars raced here back in the '70's and 80's!

Finally, on September 2nd and 3rd we have been invited to take part in Caterham's 50th anniversary. This is your time to shine, in front of an appreciative, Seven-specific crowd, again on the full Donington Grand Prix circuit. CSCC entries opened last week for this one, along with a timetable.




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