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Knockhill Video Highlights

As the team prepares to head to our final 'long haul' event this weekend at Anglesey, we look back a couple of months, to our very first foray to Scotland. As we have previously said, the grids were small, but the drivers there were full of enthusiasm.

With thanks to Speedclad and to the Knockhill production team (particularly Duncan and Chris), we can bring you video highlights from both days of action. This is the first time the in-house staff have put together video for anyone outside of their own racing club and we think they've produced great work.

Day 1 raced in clockwise direction.

Day 2 saw the drivers undo what they'd learned, as they now drove 'wrong direction' (anti-clockwise), the perfect opportunity to even-out tyre wear. Since the departure of Rockingham, this is now the only UK circuit that races in this direction. Which did you prefer?

You can find links to photos, results and reports, within our previous news item, by clicking here.




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