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JMC Racing Special Saloons and Modsports News

New Driver Representatives and celebrating Ricky's life.

In the months since Ricky's passing and funeral the CSCC committee's thoughts turned to how we can best remember his racing achievements and hard work for the club. In talking to the Morris/Parker-Morris family and Lee Costello we decided that:

- Brands Hatch GP on 29th August will become Ricky Parker-Morris memorial races.

- Our end of season Special Saloons and Modsports series silver cup, awarded each year at the Dinner Dance will be re-engraved with Ricky's name.

We are proud to announce that Danny Morris (Ricky's brother and co-driver) has agreed to become your new Driver Representative and joins the CSCC committee. Danny will have the support of his 309 team and family, bringing his own style and experience to the role, continuing Ricky's legacy. In addition, Dave Smith of has agreed to become Deputy Driver Representative for the series. Assisting Danny and taking over at rounds that Danny and team are unable to attend.

Together, Danny and Dave will do a great job at supporting you all, we hope you will join us in welcoming them. At this point, we hand things over to them:

Many of you will simply know me as the brother of the legendary Ricky Parker-Morris – a badge of honour I will always be proud to wear! It’s also for this reason, as Ricky’s brother, that the club asked me if I would be interested in taking over his role as Driver’s Representative. Although I was honoured to be considered I must admit the thought scared me more than Thruxton does! I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to deal with the emotions of taking over Ricky’s role, or live up to the amazingly high standards he set as, to quote Motorsport News, ‘he turned around CSCC’s Special Saloons series.’ My overriding emotion, however, was that Ricky would have wanted me to continue his great work, and when Dave Smith, the oracle for Special Saloons, stated he would be interested in teaming up with me, how could I turn down this challenge? Following in Ricky’s footsteps is certainly not going to be easy - I know, I did it for nearly 60 years - but Dave and I will do our very best to continue the impressive legacy he left us with.

For those that don’t know me, my racing history is almost identical to Ricky’s, as you would expect. It all started with our father Brian Morris, who competed in Karts, F1300 and Sporting Trials, all in home-built cars. Our first taste of competitive motorsport was Schoolboy Scrambles and then Autograss at the age of 16. Amazingly, there are a couple of drivers in our series today that we competed with back then, over 50 years ago, namely Tony Paxman and John Devereaux! Ricky and I both moved on to race in PRI Hot Rods at Lydden and Brands, followed by Special Saloons and numerous hillclimbs and sprint events. At this point we decided to pool our funds and race in the two-driver Thundersaloon Championship from ’89 to ’91, in a RWD Peugeot 205. Around the same time I joined Fast Car magazine as a Technical Editor, becoming Editor two years later. We went on to build the 309 as a magazine project car, with the help of Ray Addis – the man also behind Wayne Crabtree’s beautifully crafted RS200. We raced the 309 Thundersaloon in ’92 and ’93 before it was side-lined following a big accident at Brands. After a ‘short’ break, of around 20 years, where we just ‘dabbled’ in racing and had families, we enlisted Ray to resurrect the 309 for the newly formed CSCC Special Saloons and Modsports series for the 2013 season.

That’s it to date but I hope, together with Dave, we will be able maintain the same level of passion and enthusiasm as Ricky brought to the series - although we definitely won’t be able to compete with his larger than life personality and smile! It’s at this point I feel I should warn you of the reasons why I may not greet you in the same warm and friendly manner as Ricky. It’s because I have zero facial recognition and name retention skills! Either that or the nerves are getting to me on race day!

Finally, some of you may be wondering if you will see the 309 out this year. I’m not ready to open the garage door yet, let alone get behind the wheel, but I will do everything I can to ensure we are present at Ricky’s memorial races at Brands Hatch. In the meantime, either Dave or I, or both, will be at every round. I look forward to seeing you all again, or as many of you as possible, for the continued success of our series, which is essential in ensuring we have somewhere to race our very special cars! Although I do wish it was under very different circumstances!

Danny Morris Driver Representative JMC Racing Special Saloons and Modsports Series


I have been promoting the CSCC Special Saloons and Modsports Series since first seeing them at Donington, in 2012. I built the series a website over that winter and the club thought it worthy of official recognition that has continued ever since. I'm now coming into my 9th season of going to the series' races, where I try and video every race, supply a race report and provide historical articles for race day programmes. It's been a pleasure to do so and my work was recognised by the club when I was awarded the CSCC Barry Carpenter Trophy for 2015. That was a highlight, as was Mallory 2018 when I got both Baby Bertha and the world circuit debut of Mega Bertha together, both to race and for the photo shoot afterwards.

The series is made for these iconic cars and it`s rewarding getting involved with them and meeting the famous men who raced them.

The existing website is soon to be replaced, with a shiny new one later in the year.

Previously I worked voluntarily for Sheffield United Ladies FC, as Media Officer for 15 years, plus open-age secretary at times. I`ve never had the chance to race a car myself so I view all this very much as an enthusiast, I regard myself as a motorsport historian and amateur photographer.

It`s an honour to be Deputy Drivers Rep. for 2021, but sad that it is in the absence of our dear friend Ricky Parker-Morris, who had this role for so long and did a fantastic job.

Dave Smith Deputy Driver Representative JMC Racing Special Saloons and Modsports Series



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Lee Barton
Lee Barton
07 apr 2021

Well said indeed Danny. I am sure you will adequately fill the shoes of a great racer and person. Your brother started what you will continue. Family goes further than blood and racers will always be there for each other. My (and, I am sure all of the rest of us) best wishes in your roll within a great club.

Mi piace
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