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Donington GP in just two weeks time: live streamed and fantastic grids.

This is a reminder to ideally enter by this weekend, to take advantage of the current fee. After that, the price increases by £30, to reflect the extra manual work the office carries out before a busy meeting.

If you have already entered, thank you, there are more than 300 of you in so far, with room for more in most grids. Don't forget that you'll receive a half price discount, when entering a second race (enter now and we'll refund the difference). For example, the Verum Builders Open Series is first qualifying session on Sunday, with drivers allocated the garages too. As a second race, this is just £205 for 70 minutes of tracktime.

You will see from the timetable that the Puma Cup and RX-8's have slid across, from the Co-ordSport Tin Tops to the Modern Classics, to help accommodate our reserves.

Every race, here on the Donington GP layout, will be live-streamed on our Youtube channel and main Facebook page.


A big thank you in advance if you are a volunteer, or official at this meeting. We know that finishing at 18:55 is not universally liked, but hope you understand in the current economy it is more important than ever, so as to cover costs. Every single club member appreciates the time you give them to enjoy their hobby, we hope you enjoy the experience too.




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