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CSCC Donington Track Day and Snetterton Test Day Now Open

Our first two track events of 2024 are now open for entries. Those of you who have a RevUp log in (current members) can book online. Alternatively, you can enter these pre-season events right now, by using a pdf form on each event page (see links in the descriptions below), that you can scan/photograph and return by email.

Donington Track Day - Tuesday 20th February

This is an unsilenced, sessioned track day, on the National layout, falling just 5 weeks before our first race meeting, also held here. You can book now, by visiting our event page. Drivers need not be CSCC members at the time of booking, but do need to be a member by the event.

The ideal way to shake off those winter cobwebs and have some fun, perhaps sharing your car with a passenger, or letting a friend get behind the wheel. 4 x separate, 30-minute sessions for classic cars, modern cars and another for novices/suitable quality road cars, or those who want to take things a little more steady. At the end of the track day there is the possibility of extra open pit lane running, conditions allowing.

This track day will sell out, with entries taken on a first-come-first-served basis, for £185, plus £25 for an optional additional driver. There is no charge for a passenger. Garages are £60, you may choose to share this with one other car if you wish.

Our track day is relaxed and does not require a race licence, or race kit, with overtaking rules strictly controlled, for everyone's safety and enjoyment. Drivers will require a full, valid road driving licence, that will be checked on the day.

To ensure a better quality of track time, numbers per session will not be run to the circuit limit (we will aim to keep numbers sub-30 per session).

To enter our Donington trackday please click here for the event page:

Advantage Motorsport have confirmed their attendance, offering fire extinguisher servicing on FEV, SPA and Lifeline, please book by contacting Advantage Motorsport.

If you would prefer to be on track with overtaking more closely resembling racing, please consider our Test Day below.


Snetterton Test Day - Tuesday 12th March

Our popular, value for money, CSCC Snetterton 300 test day, is now available to book. It's the perfect time to give your car a shake down, in race-like conditions. It's a week and a half before our first race weekend (23rd/24th March, at Donington). Snetterton is an ideal venue for a test, with a mostly new all-weather surface, optional garages and is a long circuit with a wide variety of corners and two fast straights. Priced at very reasonable £185 for members, with second drivers just £25, this day may well sell out as we get closer, as it has done in past seasons.

There will be 30 minute sessions, for slower, intermediate and faster cars, with an optional open pit lane hour, if conditions allow at the end of the day.

Cars and equipment must be fully race-legal and in date.

Our Chief Scrutineer will be present, to offer an optional check over your car.

You can book and find more information on our Test Day booking page, here:




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