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Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Contents: Oulton details, Spa, Ethanol in fuel, CSCC Merchandise.

3rd March 2021

We apologise the news is coming to you thick and fast recently, but we want to keep you informed, as things change.

Oulton Park

Following fruitful conversations with circuit owners Motor Sport Vision, we can pass on their offer to you that camping, caravans and motorhomes will all be permitted to stay at Oulton Park on 9th April. Motorsport UK have confirmed that volunteers who are working at the event are also allowed to stay in hotels, as they are an essential part of running an authorised business/sporting event. The choice on whether or not you can attend, based on the current accommodation restrictions, is entirely your own.

Click here to view a provisional timetable, this may help your decision on whether you wish to drive to and from in a day is here.

You can now see an early, provisional entry list by clicking here. Please accept this list as confirmation of an entry.

Please check the list carefully, we may have changed your number to avoid a duplication. Is your second driver missing, are you a reserve and have we included your sponsor? If you are a reserve, please do not worry, it is highly likely we will get withdrawals now and on the run up to the event. You have nothing to lose, as a reserve you can withdraw at any time in writing (an email will do) and receive a full refund.

All races are still open for entries, you may enter using the form on the event page, or online for those races not currently showing as full:

After 12th April, the accommodation situation becomes easier for you as competitors, with 17th May the next predicted easing of restrictions, in good time for our Donington meeting.

Spa Francorchamps

We are fully committed to taking all series to Spa in June, but we are realistic and know that not as many of you are likely to attend this year. For those of you still keen to go we will be issuing entry forms, regulations, the format, pricing and a check list on what you may need to do before travelling, by the end of this month. This 3rd party guide may help you in the meantime:

It is clear that that there is not going to be any miracle solution this year to avoid the new customs requirements for taking our race cars overseas.

As MSUK and others have stated, for many of you travelling to Spa you have two choices for your trailered race car: 1. A green card, Carnet and associated insurance for your race car, tools and non-consumable spares OR

2. A V5, with road insurance and a green card (and minimal tools/consumables).

Whilst these processes are new, what won’t change is the warm welcome and hopefully weather, at one of the finest race circuits in the world.

Ethanol in Fuel

Last year we wrote an article about increasing amounts of Ethanol in pump fuel and how this may affect your older road or race car. There is further news on this here, from the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (the CSCC is a member club):

CSCC Merchandise

Show your allegiance to the club with a range of branded clothing and merchandise, available to order here:

If you don’t see anything you like please get in touch with them, they can apply the CSCC branding to many other styles and ranges, to suit you.




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