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Brands Hatch Grand Prix

This is advanced notice that we are opening entries to our six grids, supporting the Fanatec GT World Challenge, on Thursday 8th July at Midday. Many of you have told us that you intend to race with us on the Grand Prix layout, on 28th/29th August, so get your entry in, it's first-come, first-served. FYI our Co-ordSport Tin Tops race, earlier this year, filled up in an hour and two minutes!

Some series will compete across the two days, with qualifying Saturday and race Sunday, whilst others will be on a single day as usual, to suit the meeting organiser, as per our calendar. More details about the event will follow next week.

We know that opening a popular race meeting at midday won't suit everyone, especially those at work, but we hope that you will understand that we need to chose a time when we are here in the office, to support you.




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