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There are a host of different racing clubs in the UK, so why would I choose the CSCC?

Well aside from the main benefits, like the fact that we mostly run longer, pit-stop races and that we provide great value for money and race on the best circuits in the UK and abroad, it's sometimes the little things that make a difference: 

  • Each of our series takes equal priority, so you will get the garages at some stage in the season, as well as qualifying and racing at different times in the schedule (we don't have 'headline' categories that always get the garages and finish early).

  • Engine CC based classes (no power to weight ratios), combined with simple regulations result in less cost to you (no rolling road fee), whilst accusations of cheating or protests are almost unheard of!

  • Realistic timetables, it is rare that we should ever need to cancel or shorten races. If it does have to happen we take time from the series responsible.

  • Longer qualifying sessions, 30 minutes for most of our series, this gives you valuable practice time, whether you are a single driver or two driver team.

  • Qualifying and racing usually takes place on one day, leaving you time for other things in life. We try to have our classic series and modern series racing on different days which produces a great paddock atmosphere.

  • Impressive grids of cars, so however fast or slow your car may be you will almost always find someone to race against; the CSCC had the highest average grid sizes in UK motorsport in 2019*, 31 cars across all categories and race meetings. * Autosport and Motorsport News, December 2019.

  • We only have a maximum of one sponsor per race series; no need to cover your car in gaudy stickers that spoil the look of your car.

  • Driving standards are one of our main priorities. Racing can be expensive enough without unnecessary damage. We keep the same team of Motorsport UK Clerks, whilst the club maintains a 'Black Book', gives driver education sessions during briefings and is not afraid to take action as per our disciplinary steps.  

  • We run series not championships, with a relaxed, friendly paddock, no points to chase and no need to feel like you have to attend every round.

  • Variety, we don't just visit the same old circuits, we like to mix things up a bit each season with the occasional night race, TV coverage, BBQ, double header and new circuits (although we've nearly visited all UK tracks and many in Europe). 

  • Easy, online race entries or paper forms, whichever you prefer, yes, we do still have a fax machine! 

  • Lastly, we listen. We run as a club first, business second, the members have direct contact with the full time office staff and we have a volunteer committee of all ages and sex who between them have literally hundreds of years racing experience to guide the club and its Directors. These same volunteers along with the office staff are on hand to help and welcome you at the circuits.

What else makes the Classic Sports Car Club different from other racing clubs?
The Classic Sports Car Club organises friendly club racing with an emphasis on great value for money and high driving standards. We drive at the best circuits in the UK and abroad. Our Committee is made up of experienced racers and officials and ensures that we provide our club members with the best possible racing experience at sensible costs. We only run Series, rather than Championships, where each round is an individual event with no points, making the racing slightly less serious (but no less competitive) and no pressure to have to compete in every round. The CSCC actively enforces strictly enforced driving standards: no-one wants to spend money on panel repairs. The club is beginner friendly, with a new driver ‘buddy’ system to help you through your first race meeting. Hundreds of novice drivers have started their racing hobby with us over the years.

With the exception of the Special Saloons and Modsports Series (15 mins) and the Verum Builders Open Series (20 mins) we have longer 40 minute or one hour races with a mandatory pit stop and 30 minute qualifying/practice sessions on the same day. Entries may be either single drivers, two drivers sharing a single car or a two car team (all at the same race entry fee). An overall winners penalty helps reduce the likelihood of the same car dominating at every round. Our Series have simple eligibility rules and freedom of choice when it comes to tyres (from the Motorsport UK list 1A, 1B or 1C) and some other modifications. We allow a “Taster” round where the registration fee will be waived for the first ever round with us. Our members also benefit from a £100 discounted entry fee if entering a 2nd series race at the same event.

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