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Spa Opening For Entries

Tomorrow at 15:00 (Friday 16th February) we will open entries to the keenly anticipated CSCC races at the Spa Summer Classic, taking place in the last week of April. Be aware that we anticipate this event will sell out fast, we have less track time than in previous years.

When entries open you have two choices, you may enter either or both:

  1. CSCC Interseries races. A 30 minute qualifying session and 2 x 40 minute pit-stop races, combining most of our modern series together on one 65 car grid. Priced at £725. Testing and Scrutineering takes place on Thursday 25th April, Qualifying and race 1 on Friday, Race 2 on Saturday 27th. Cars must run to the specification of the CSCC series they enter.

  2. Belcar Historic Cup. We require a minimum of 10 CSCC entries (maximum 15), we will have our own awards. Belcar has a 30 minute qualifying session and 2 x 30 minute non pit-stop races, between Friday 26th and Sunday 28th April. Priced at £740. Eligible cars are: cars produced up to 1990 of any capacity, cars produced from 1990 to 2000, up to 2500cc. MSUK list 1A/B/C treaded tyres only.

What CSCC Series can enter the Interseries races? Almost all of them! The 65 car grid will potentially contain all our series, except Mintex Classic K and Adams & Page Swinging 60s. There will be separate awards for each series.

Whichever series you enter as, you must conform to that series' eligibility regulations. So, if you enter the race as a Liqui Moly Slicks competitor, you can used slicks and racing wets, but not MSUK list 1A/B/C tyres. If you enter as a Co-ordSport Tin Top, you can't decide to add aftermarket aero for this round, or use slick tyres.

If you are registered as a CSCC Championship competitor, which doesn't have Spa listed as a round, you can enter with us in a suitable CSCC series.

Getting across, to Carnet or not to Carnet? 

You can and should read our full, updated guide here:

Spa 3 Hours CSCC is a partner in the ever-popular Spa 3 Hours race and does have some spaces left, for pre-1976 FIA cars.

Timetable There isn't a provisional timetable at present, but we will of course issue one as soon as it is available.

Entry Requirements

You will require a minimum of a 'Race National' licence to compete at Spa. This means a minimum of six signatures, before you can upgrade from a 'Race Club' to a Race National. A days Marshalling will gain a signature, as will an 'advanced ARDS' course.

New for 2024, it is potentially possible to gain a maximum of three signatures from a race weekend, by completing two races on one day (with no incidents) and Marshalling on the other: H.13.2.3. In the past it was only possible to gain two signatures per event.

We ask you to compete with us at Donington in March. This is so we can check driving standards and also because the club requires your financial support to be able to put on these overseas events. If you are a regular driver, who has supported us regularly in past seasons, but are unable to make Donington for legitimate reasons this year please get in touch and we will do our best to find a solution.

Safety Equipment

The checklist can be found on our event page here and is required reading. For those of you that are regulars with us to Spa, the key change from previous years being that race suits must have an FIA hologram. Older suits that are perfectly valid for UK meetings may not have this, so please check yours. Key differences from MSUK regulations are:

  • Roll cage padding must be the rigid, FIA type, anywhere your head could contact the cage.

  • There are no date extensions to your race harness, it's the actual expiry date on the label that applies.

  • The race seat must be FIA homologated and in date.

  • Drivers must wear full FIA underwear, this includes socks, long johns, long sleeved top and balaclava.

  • New for 2024 at Spa, your helmet must be an in-date FIA standard (not 'just' Snell).

  • New for 2024 at Spa and as mentioned above, your race suit must carry the FIA hologram.

  • If you have an FIA bag/fuel tank, it must be in date. If your car has a custom made fuel tank it must be foam-filled. A standard, production fuel tank is ok and does not require foam filling.


Test sessions are available to book on the Thursday (not in advance), simply turn up with cash (Euros) or card and book your slot. For times and costs please click here:

Why you should go

This remains one of the finest race tracks in the world. It is an experience, both on and off track that just doesn't compare with anything the UK can offer. April is not going to be as hot as we've enjoyed in previous years at the end of June, on the upside, travelling should be quieter and more comfortable and you won't need to pack that paddling pool!




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