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Slicks Series: Silverstone Change and Voluntary Penalties.

The final 2022 round for the Liqui Slicks Series takes place in October, on Silverstone's National layout. Originally scheduled for Sunday 9th, we are moving the Liqui Moly Slicks to qualify and race on Saturday 8th October. This will work better for those of you who are testing on Friday, or who also race in another of our 'modern' series. Apologies if this negatively affects any of your plans or bookings. We rarely move a schedule once announced, however, there are other factors at play here. The updated calendar is on our website.

The Liqui Moly Slicks competitors will receive a proportion of the Silverstone garages. In addition, your race, along with all others, will be live-streamed too.

After Spa we let you know that we would have a review of the classes, specifically who is in A1 and A2. It has been decided that this far in to the season we will leave things more or less untouched, but that we will look carefully at this again before the 2023 season begins.

The two most successful drivers/teams currently within classes A1 and A2 are Morgan, Marcus and Martin Short and their Mosler (A1) and Andrew Christopher and his Ferrari F430 Challenge car (A2). Both have very sportingly been working with us at the CSCC to find a way of levelling their performance, for our final two rounds this year, at Donington and Silverstone. They have voluntarily agreed to serve a 20 second penalty during their pit-stop. This is in addition to any mandatory winners penalty they may pick up, should they enjoy success on the track again at Donington. We welcome the publicity and professionalism that the Short family and Andrew Christopher and team have brought to the series and know they will enjoy the thrill of the chase in trying to overcome this extra time.

Surveys will be sent to all CSCC members within the next few weeks, inviting your views about a range of points within the series, including pit-stops, winners penalties, number of races, classes and more. We look forward to reading your comments.




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