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Silverstone GP in just 4 weeks time!

The CSCC season begins for nine of our series, in just four weeks time (Sunday 26th February), at the UK's biggest circuit, Silverstone GP. At the time of writing we have just over 120 entries, perfectly respectable for this time of year, but we'd like a few more of you. With a huge 61 car capacity per grid and more than 3 1/2 miles of track there is plenty of room for everyone.

In case you've missed it, the entry fee is just £395, rising for those not entering until the final two weeks. Please enter now for our first, live-streamed race meeting of the year.

If you have an Adams & Page Swinging 60s or Mintex Classic K car that is raring to go, you can join in the action, by entering as an Advantage Motorsport Future Classics car (70's and 80's). There is no additional registration fee, just let the office know, we'll tick a box and then you can enter.

JMC Racing Special Saloons & Modsports are eligible for the Liqui Moly Slicks race; back in 2021 they successfully shared a grid, so please come and join us again. As above, there is no additional registration fee, if you are already signed up for the Specials this year.

To help you plan, we have released a first draft of the timetable, that includes who has the garages, on our event page.

Let's look back at that October 2021 GP meeting:




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