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Puma Cup - Looking ahead

With just one more series round remaining for 2023, we are looking ahead to next season and ask for your thoughts, to help shape the regulations.

Hopefully you’ve all dried out after the torrential rain at Donington Park, which I hope didn’t dampen your spirits for your race with Modern classics! A full race report will follow shortly.

It was great to see our strongest grid at Donington a few weeks ago, and it was good to meet a larger group of you.

As has already been discussed with the majority of Puma Cup drivers at the circuits, I wanted to include a reminder of the details of the potential alternative tyres available, if there is a desire to change from the Dunlops.

We could if you wish, open up the regulations to allow any tyre from list 1A, 1B or 1C of the Motorsport UK Blue Book, however for now these are the current suggestions:

  1. Yokohama A052 - This is normally the quickest of these 3 suggestions. It is a grippier compound and is the closest in performance to the Dunlop Direzza. However, after many discussions, longevity of tyres seemed a priority for most and so with the A052 having a softer compound, the wear rate will be greater than the Dunlops. These are priced at £183.

  2. Nankang AR1 - These are almost as quick in the dry but they are compromised in the wet. The AR1's are priced at £118.

  3. Toyo R888R - These have proven to be a good all round tyre, competitive but not as quick as the two alternatives above. These are priced at £115.

The prices above are for CSCC members only, when purchased through CSCC tyre supplier, Adams & Page. Prices include VAT, fitting and balancing, either at their High Wycombe depot or at the circuit. Otherwise, they can be sent direct to competitors at no extra cost.

I’d appreciate your thoughts on the matter, so that an early decision can be made and we can start planning for 2024! You can contact me directly at or via the CSCC office.

On another note, for future reference, our awards presentations will take place 30 minutes after the end of the race, as part of whichever series we are racing with at that event. We'd like to see as many Puma Cup drivers and their supporters attend the awards. Even if you don't think you have won an award, it's always nice to show your support to those who have. And remember, if we have 7 or more cars entered, there will of course be 3 trophies to give out!

Unfortunately, due to prior family commitments I am unable to attend Mallory Park on 28th August, but I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our final round of the season, our 20th Anniversary event at Croft on 14th October. Although the Puma Cup do not have a race at our Oulton Park event on 23rd September, you are of course welcome to enter as an Open Series competitor.

Best wishes,

Charlotte Rushforth

Puma Cup Driver Representative




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