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Member Survey: Advance Notice

Later next week (30th September) every current and recent member will receive an email, inviting them to answer a short survey, for each CSCC series they compete in.

The CSCC is a listening club, your volunteer committee and the office team do the very best they can, to organise the type of racing that members want. We recognise that the people and cars are different within each series, therefore questions will be tailored to suit.

Due to Covid, most of you have now experienced a change from quick-as-you-can, to a timed pit-stop, with some series returning back this year, dependant on the indication their drivers gave, back in 2019.

This is now the right time to gather your wishes and comments again, ahead of our 2023 season, with questions including winner's penalties, pit-stops, classes, circuit preference and more. We will carefully consider all your views, which will be kept confidential, with any future changes made with the best intentions for each series and the club as a whole.

Please look out for a further email in a week's time.




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