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Magnificent opportunities for Seven's drivers and teams in 2024.

If you've not yet seen, our long-established Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens Series has gone through some changes and improvements for 2024.

Changes include:

  • Tyre regulations.

  • Sevens may also compete in the Open Series races, with a 50% discount.

  • A return to the popular 40 minute format for Magnificent Sevens, with lower entry fees.

  • A more effective overall winners penalty.

  • Return to Spa, as well as Silverstone GP and an all British event at Brands Hatch.

The series remains the only category to cater for all types of Sevens in the UK, it has a friendly paddock, with minimal contact. This makes it ideal for those drivers looking for fun but competitive racing, or to ease their way back in to competition at the early rounds, gathering signatures before other championships start.

Our early events should be of particular interest, including our pre-season track day at Donington on 20th February, Test Day on 12th March at Snetterton and first race meeting on 23rd and 24th March at Donington.

Membership for 12 months is £49, with registration just £99. Race entry fees are from £395 and include 30 minutes of qualifying and a 40 minute, pit-stop race. Drivers can join up here:

In another change for 2024, all Sevens may race within the 20 minute Verum Builders Open Series races, with no extra charge for registration. Those drivers taking part in both categories at the same meeting will receive the second race at half price, great value for plenty of track time.

With the demise of Avon and a shift in the market towards Toyo tires, the Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens has, after much discussion, moved the use of the softest compound tyres across to those Sevens wanting to race in the Verum Builders Open Series. Therefore, those cars running on Toyo R888R will find their tyres more competitive on our Magnificent Sevens grid in 2024.

The CSCC is committed to the series and its drivers, in continuing to grow the popularity of the Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens, whatever the make, model or power of the car.

For more information, including our simple series regulations, please click here:





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