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Looking forwards to Le Mans

Your reactions and comments about our Le Mans Bugatti meeting on 16-18 October make it perhaps the most CSCC's most anticipated race event ever.

A lot has changed in the UK and France during the last month, most of it negative, but with exactly six months to go until Le Mans and already hints of relaxation of Virus measures on the continent, it could well still go ahead. Certainly our French colleagues believe so, with plans still very much proceeding on both sides of the channel to make this happen.

Click on the photo above to view a race from 2011, onboard an ailing Alfa 156. It's not the fastest or most exciting battle, but gives you an idea of the circuit layout, where possible overtaking opportunities lay and where the pit entry and exit are. Imagine being on that grid at the start, with more than 40 other CSCC drivers around you.

With two, 30 minute pit stop races for each grid of classic and modern cars it will be special, no doubt about it. We won't be opening entries for some time yet and we will also give you notice before we do.



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