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Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens News

This is the first CSCC Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens newsletter of the 2022 season, from your Series Representative, Peter French.

First, may I welcome both new and returning competitors to the series in 2022. As always, the Classic Sports Car Club have arranged an outstanding calendar, starting with the club’s test day at Snetterton on the 23rd of March concluding with multiple, split group Magnificent Sevens races at Cadwell Park, on the 29th of October. This year the Sevens are taking a one year break from competing at Oulton Park, but are at Cadwell instead. The 2022 calendar includes a welcome return to Spa in June.


Our series sponsor Gold Arts has been a long standing partner of the CSCC Magnificent Sevens Series, but my history with the series sponsor and its owner, Doug Newman Snr, goes back to 1995, when I prepared his first racing car. So as a thank you to Gold Arts, on behalf of the CSCC and its series competitors, past and present, I presented Doug with a wooden model of, guess what, a Caterham, at our Donington Track Day. This model is a one of two which have been made by a retired engineer, Trevor. Trevor noticed my car when passing and stopped for a chat. A couple of weeks later he showed me the model that he had made. I asked Trevor if he would make me one with our sponsor in mind, which he was pleased to do.


A short note on fire extinguishers. In the last Classic Lines, their was an article giving useful information on fire extinguisher systems and their changes for this year. It listed where to find the information in MSUK's yearbook (Blue Book), which FIA technical lists refer to fire extinguishers and where to find the extinguisher manufactures instructions.

It is important that all other cars must have their fire extinguisher triggers fitted as detailed in the manufacturers installation instructions/conform to the Blue Book. When installing an electrically triggered extinguisher to any car, the manufacturer installation instructions must be followed, please can you also understand how to test the system before attending scrutineering. Ensure that the decals have been fitted in the the correct positions as detailed in MSUK's year book (Blue Book), the large electric/fire decals located adjacent to the external triggers, the small electrical/fire decals located adjacent to the internal triggers. We know our cars are small and looks are important, but please ensure you display these correct, full-sized stickers to mark these vital safety mechanisms. In an emergency you don't want a Marshal wasting valuable seconds looking for them.


Entries in the first, 40 minute race at Snetterton is currently two thirds full, with 30 entries, whilst the second, optional 20 minute sprint race has 24 entries. We are still a month away, should you want to place an entry. A draft timetable will be available nearer the time, but the office have indicated our second race won't be last, or even penultimate, so we should be away in good time.

Our second round at Thruxton has been open for just over a week, therefore has plenty of space in both races at this time. Last year we enjoyed over 30 Sevens at this meeting, a healthy number, at a real drivers circuit.

Finally, My thanks go to the CSCC’s office staff and officials, MSUK officials and marshals, the series sponsor Gold Arts and to all the competitors for their support for this fun packed series that give close clear racing for the registered competitors.

Peter French

Driver Representative

CSCC Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens.




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