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Drivers and team/family members - We need your help.

Our Donington GP round, on 5th/6th August has fantastic entries (320+ and growing), but relatively low Marshal numbers for the long GP layout. This is where you or a family member could help the club and fellow CSCC members, even if you have no experience, we need some more help.

Volunteer now by filling in our simple online form here

If you can spare a day to help us (perhaps the opposite day if you are racing?) you will be rewarded:

  • The very best 'spectator' view available, you won't get closer to the action

  • Drivers, you can gain a licence upgrade signature

  • £20 cash on each morning, if you can help for the full day, to go towards expenses

  • You'll be giving something back to the sport you love

  • You'll have the perfect answer to 'why wasn't a blue flag shown?'

  • See things from a different perspective on how an event is run

You will be placed on a post with an experienced Marshal, no previous racing or Marshalling experience necessary. Just wear appropriate foot wear and clothing (no red or yellow tops/ jackets please) and it's a good idea to bring food/drinks for the day. You won't be asked to do anything you are not capable of, or put in an unsafe situation, but will be encouraged to get involved.

Volunteer now by filling in our simple online form here




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