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Donington Park Opening For Entries

Updated: Feb 2

Tomorrow (Friday 2nd February), we are opening entries at midday, to our first, live-streamed race meeting of the year, at Donington Park on 23rd and 24th March.

Those members who have already joined and registered and importantly have had confirmation back from us, may enter online, once entries open. All others will be able to enter using the entry form on our event page:

Championship Entries

Whilst we are waiting for championship permits to be returned from Motorsport UK, any championship entries will be held in abeyance (H.30.1.1.d.). The moment that a championship permit is issued, completed entries will automatically be accepted in the order that entry/payment is made.

Timetable To help you plan, we have published a provisional timetable on our event page. You will see that the Verum Builders Open Series is first qualifying and race, this could be a useful, half-price entry, ahead of your main focus? For those of you new to the CSCC this year (welcome), we do our best to treat every member the same, whatever you drive, so if the paddock, timetable, or garage allocation is not favourable to you this time, fear not, we

will mix things up at every round.

Live Streamed Every Donington race will be live-streamed, on our Facebook page and Youtube channel. You will also be able to replay these once you get home.

Daylight The clocks won't go back for another week after the event, therefore both days will be cut shorter than usual due to a lack of light. There is no night racing this year, but things 'could' be a little gloomy towards the end. Please ensure that if your series or championship requires you to have working front lights that they are fitted and do actually work. In order to fit everything in to a sensible timetable, some categories on Sunday have 5 minutes less qualifying time, with a slightly lower entry fee as a result.

Track Day and Test Days Our unsilenced track day, at Donington on 20th February is sold out (we are limiting numbers to give quality track time), but we will take an entry from you as a reserve, via form. We have just two garages remaining, at £60 each.

The CSCC's official Test Day, at Snetterton on 12th March, is around half full now, places are £185.

Testing is available at Donington Park the day before our race event, on Friday 22nd March, priced between £250 and £430. Click here to book, directly with MSV:




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