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CSCC Overtaking Expectations

The Classic Sports Car Club prides itself on it's high driving standards and friendly atmosphere. Accidents can and do happen, but those we are made aware of, are investigated, firstly by the team of Motorsport UK Clerks at the circuit and later by the CSCC Committee, in the hope that a similar incident can be avoided in the future.

Many drivers arrive at the CSCC specifically to reduce the chance of car-to-car damage.

Drivers' briefings and written instructions always state that racing with the CSCC is non-contact and that rubbing is not racing with us, but we do acknowledge this is not a track day either. Overtaking is a part of the 'chess match' we enjoy so much, but also the time that damage becomes more likely. Following a lengthy gestation and views collected over the years from the committee, clerks and drivers (such as Jamie Sturges), we have produced a new set of club regulations, re-enforcing the Motorsport UK rules, then expanding on them. We have stopped short of trying to explain who should do what in every scenario, instead giving useful advice and expectations to our members.

This is part of the CSCC's regulations page:




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