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Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Contents: Knockhill date change, Oulton Overnight, Pirelli Corsa Classic.

Knockhill With uncertainty on whether the Scottish Parliament would sufficiently ease restrictions by early May, both Knockhill Circuit and the CSCC have agreed to move this event from the 1st/2nd May to 3rd/4th July 2021. Moving to early July should make for a warmer event, allow you to book accommodation with less fear of cancellation and it’s before the summer holiday peak season. The format remains unchanged, with two races in both directions, one on each day and evening meal included.

Snetterton We are currently working with Snetterton and MSV to re-schedule our cancelled March round, for sometime between the end of April and mid-May. We will confirm this as soon as we can.

Oulton Park

A Zoom meeting took place yesterday evening with MSUK, major clubs (with Hugo representing the CSCC and as Chairman of the ABMRC) and circuits. This has proved fruitful, particularly around staying overnight, in and around venues between 29th March and 12th April (therefore our Oulton Park meeting). As soon as we can give you confirmed facts (not speculation), rest assured we will be back in touch, but things are looking positive. At this point we have over 200 entries, with half of the races full, so please don’t delay putting in an entry here; you still have plenty of time to withdraw for a refund should you need to.

Updated 2021 Calendar

The rest of our calendar remains unchanged, including our plans to take members from every series to Spa. The current 2021 calendar, can be seen here:

Rule Amendment: Pirelli Corsa Classic

Some weeks ago in Classic Lines we published an article regarding Pirelli Corsa Classic tyres, with the decision that they were permitted in relevant CSCC races, but only for cars up to 1990. Following feedback from members, we pursued this further with Motorsport UK and Pirelli, the latter giving their opinion on the suitability for circuit use. The end result, is that the earlier decision has changed. Pirelli Corsa Classic in all compounds, become a list 1C tyre when used on a post-1990 model, despite this being omitted from the current yearbook at this time. This means, that regardless of the age of car, all CSCC series that allow any list 1A/B/C tyre, permit this model of Pirelli to be used in 2021.




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