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Brands Hatch Grand Prix

Entries open on Thursday 7th March at Midday. Two of our series are supporting GT World Challenge, on the superb Grand Prix layout, on Sunday 5th May.

WOSP New Millennium and Turbo Tin Tops get to race on a combined, 46 car grid, in front of a large crowd, both in the stands and at home, with our race being live streamed.

Regrettably, our track time is less than usual, with a 20 minute qualifying session and 30 minute pit-stop race. Track time is hard to come by on the Grand Prix layout. On the upside, this shorter track time does bring the entry fee lower, at £445. Twenty minutes is enough time to squeeze in single or two driver entries and we have an indication we will receive an excellent timetable slot.

We are the only category that gets to qualify and race on the same day, lessening your costs and time away from home. Whilst a timetable is still being finalised, we anticipate you will qualify in an early session and race when the crowd is at its largest, not long after lunch.

This race will have a split standing start. The first group starts on the lights, the second on the national flag. We feel this is the best way of avoiding start line incidents, with the mix of FWD and RWD, as well as ensuring you are racing against your fellow series drivers.

More about the event can be found here.




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