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Anglesey in just two weeks time, plus updated timetable and garages.

You can still enter online at the current price of just £725, up until this Sunday (18th). Please come and join us for this exceptional value, unique, live-streamed race meeting, on 1st/2nd July.

There is little question that those members, family's and volunteers who make the effort to participate will love it.

Liqui Moly Slicks and Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens A few comments have been made about mixing the two series on the track. Well, grid numbers to date for both categories are low, giving plenty of room on the wide, 2.1 mile track. At Spa, both series share a 65 car grid, with rarely any issue, so please don't let this put you off.

Timetable Version 2 Now that we have a clearer idea of entries within each race, we have made changes to best utilise the time and grid numbers. The two changes in this timetable version have been to split the very busy Adams & Page Swinging 60s grid into two groups, whilst combining the Mintex Classic K sessions with Group 2. We have extended the sunset evening break to a full hour, by losing one of the night familiarisation sessions. There is ample time for all in the remaining 90 minutes of night familiarisation sessions, after all, each driver only needs to complete 3 laps. We have now allocated garages too, please see the timetable on our event page. Our apologies if any changes have affected your plans, but thankfully even the last session will finish by 13:30 on Sunday.

Number Lighting A number of you have asked online about how and where to illuminate the numbers for the night-time sessions. There is no one answer for this, as it depends on your car, but we can give you some pointers.

- Only the side, reflective numbers need to be illuminated and they don't need to be in the same location as your daytime numbers. An LED downlighter on the underside of mirror is a popular location.

- We are issuing you with reflective numbers at the drivers briefing.

- Number lighting can be powered by internal batteries, or by the car's 12v system, but if it is the latter, they must be switched off when the battery cut out is activated. - The method of fixing must be considered by a scrutineer to be sufficiently strong and secure to withstand racing forces. Double sided tape or Velcro alone is not enough (especially if it rains), but you need not drill brackets into your precious bodywork either! A secondary method of fixing, such as additional cable ties, or tethers is recommended, but ultimately the scrutineer will decide on a sensible, case-by-case basis.

Tyre Support Adams & Page are sending a team in one van to support you with tyres at the event, please use them. Anglesey is not very abrasive compared to one or two other circuits that spring to mind, but given that you could cover the equivalent of 3 or more events worth of track time, you will naturally use more rubber. Please contact them now to reserve tyres in your size, they only have limited space on their van.

Final Instructions, Entry List and E-tickets As always, these will be published and sent out on the Thursday of the week before the event (22nd June).

Volunteers and Donations Thank you to all the Marshals and Officials who have put their names down for this event, however few or many hours you can offer it is appreciated. Just a handful more Marshals would be useful, if you know of anyone else who might be able to help us, particularly on post?

Drivers, your generous financial donations have been very much appreciated and will 100% be allocated towards covering the package below, that we are offering our Marshals.


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